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Galvanizing Services | Fasteners, Threaded Rods, Nust & Washers

Fasteners, Threaded Rods, Nust & Washers
Falcon Galvanizing

Galvanizing of fasteners, threaded rods and small parts using a “Spin-A-Batch” centrifuge system with baskets up to 32″ diameter and 8 ft long.

  • Chemical cleaning (Caustics, Acids, flux) to remove light rust and dirt prior to immersion in Zinc kettle. (Note: This is standard practice and there is no extra charge for this process.)
  • Sandblasting to remove Heavy Rust and or Paint (if required). Available onsite at an extra charge. 
  • Additional processing such as re-tapping threads (available at an extra charge).
    • Repairs to products damaged in freight and handling mishaps.